Analog Clock

This eaxample shows the difference between two different HTML rendering methods. First method "Fast RLE" uses RLE compression (by means of colspan attribute of the table cells) on lines only. Second method is "Optimised RLE" - on each step it is trying to find a largest possible square area of the same color and produces a single cell for it by manipulating both colspan and rowspan attributes of the table.

Actually which method is faster depends on the implementation of JavaScript in your browser. I have noticed that "Fast RLE" is usually works faster for me in Microsoft Internet Explorer and "Optimised RLE" works faster in Mozilla.

Notation: red hand - seconds, green hand - minutes, blue hand - hours.

Click to start the clock. Click to stop the clock.
  Fast RLE Optimised RLE
[Fast RLE]
[Optimised RLE]
Number of cells in the output
(out of total 35x35=1225)
Rendering time (in ms.)

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