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10 June 2003


This news comes a little bit late, but I have a LJ account now: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kitya/.
11 March 2003

Back online....

Yes, I'm....
10 November 2002


On http://www.karlson.ru/gena/ second gena story is now online. Take a look!
14 October 2002


I have tried to draw a comic story, look here!
16 September 2002


Here they are:
  1. second part of photos from France and even some photos from Japan,
  2. new pictures and poems from Katinka,
  3. software updates.
14 September 2002

New Photos

I have just returned to my trip to France/Luxemburg/Germany this year and I have made the first part of the photos - France, part I!
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